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Pioneer Places Fire Safety

Fire Safety in Flats

Fire safety is of the upmost importance. Our Community Caretaker team carry out regular fire safety checks of all communal areas to ensure they are kept as safe as possible for all users. If any defects are found, they are immediately reported and actioned accordingly to ensure the safety of the block is always maintained. We also have independent fire risk assessments carried out on our buildings.

What to do in case of a flat fire

In your flat

Should a fire occur in your flat, GET OUT (closing all doors behind you), then call the Fire Service on 999 to report the fire.

In the block

Should a fire occur elsewhere in the block (e.g. landing, stairwell, etc.), STAY PUT as your flat is designed to resist fire getting in. Call the Fire Service on 999 and report the fire.

In a communal area

If a fire breaks out while you are in the communal area, GET OUT of the building if it is safe to do so. If there is no safe access out, return to your flat closing all doors behind you. Do not use the lift in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Checks

Our Community Caretaker team carry out  in-depth fire safety checks of communal areas, checking for anything that may pose a potential fire risk. Some checks vary from building to building, however a general list of these checks consist of:

Door entry system

The team will check that all main doors and CCTV are working properly.

Fire doors, stairways and lift lobby areas

These areas are checked to make sure the doors aren’t damaged, close correctly and that they are fit to withstand fire and smoke.

Communal areas and landings

The Community Caretaking team removes any items that might be a potential obstruction in the event of a fire, such as plant pots, bikes and rubbish.


 Stairwells are checked to make sure there aren’t any items that might obstruct people trying to escape from the building.

Bin rooms

Bin rooms sprinkler systems that are checked regularly along with inspections to make sure the area is clean and tidy.

Chute rooms

The team will check that the doors and chute, where the rubbish is disposed of, is opening and closing correctly and clear any rubbish or debris that may be blocking the chute.


Lifts are regularly checked to ensure the control panel is working correctly and that the lift is able to go up and down to all floors.

Dry risers and meter rooms

Dry riser systems are an empty pipe running up the inside of the building that can be connected to by firefighters and used as a pressurised water system. These are checked to ensure there is no damage and they are in working order so that the fire service can quickly connect their hoses in the event of an actual fire.

Emergency Lighting

All communal lights are regularly checked to be working correctly so that in the event of an emergency the lighting will guide you out the building and to safety.

Fire alarm / Smoke detector

If your building has a communal fire alarm or smoke detector system installed the team will carry out regular tests on these systems to ensure they are working correctly and can alert you in an event of a fire.

Need us to check something?

If something does not look right (i.e. damaged / broken) or you would like our team to visit you and tailor their advice to your block please contact us on 0121 748 8100.